I was at EuroPython2012 conference this week so here are my impressions.

First of all, I would like to thank organizers, everything was organized at the highest level. Conference was held in Florence for second year in a row, and I must say it gets better every year. :) This year there were more than 700 registered users attending talks in 5 tracks and doing trainings in 2 additional tracks. We were greeted with lots of goodies (maybe too many MongoDB goodies :) and even more °C in the air.

Besides excellent talks and presenters, there was lots of great food (although a bit too much pasta for my taste :) and interesting events. Of these events, probably the most interesting ones were Lightning talks and cocktails that were invite only, based on areas of interest you selected during registration.

All talks were recorded and will be available online. Some of them are already uploaded, you can find them on PythonItalia Youtube page.

Overall, it was great experience, see you all next year! :)

There is nothing better to end this post but to put this image of bunch of us enjoying a beer near the Arno river (sorry for the low quality, image was taken with my mobile phone)